Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineering

Fire safety represents an essential component of a comprehensive health and safety program.  It’s critical that fire protection and life systems be designed properly and remain fully operational to protect employees from fire hazards.  Life safety refers to the features of a building that enable its occupants to exit safely and/or seek refuge within a building in the event of a fire or similar emergency.

EnSafe’s experienced team of engineers and safety professionals maintain expert knowledge of National Fire Protection Association codes and standards and related Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards regarding fire and life safety.  EnSafe maintains representation on multiple National Fire Protection Association committees, including the Technical Correlating Committee on Flammable and Combustible Liquids and the Technical Committee on Confined Space Safe Work Practices.

Allow EnSafe to assist you with your fire protection and life safety engineering needs.

Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineering Solutions:

  • Code consulting
  • Fire protection hazard assessments
  • Flammable liquid management plan development
  • Fire prevention procedure development
  • Life safety assessments
  • Development of life safety drawings
  • Life safety seminars (1/2, 1 and 2 day seminars)
  • Assessments of hazardous locations for electrical installations
  • Negotiations with authorities having jurisdiction
  • Flammable liquid management plan development
  • Incident investigation and support