Regulatory Interpretation / Negotiation

EnSafe has extensive experience and all the capabilities needed to provide complex technical assistance, regulatory interpretations, and negotiations on behalf of our government and industry-sector customers. Our in-house staff of seasoned environmental consultants, engineers, and scientists pool their expertise to develop solutions and provide practical advice on the implications of environmental regulations. As a result, we are often called upon to provide technical and scientific support to clients engaged in everything from environmental litigation and agency enforcement actions to major real estate transactions and corporate acquisitions. Often our manufacturing customers benefit from significant operating cost-savings when our documented interpretations are used to substantiate claims of regulatory exemptions.

EnSafe's compliance professionals understand the intricate details of applicable regulatory requirements. With a vision at the project’s outset that seeks problem resolution for our clients, EnSafe conducts research and field assessments that focus on the issue.

Regulatory Solutions

  • Environmental Compliance Reviews
  • Compliance Issue Research
  • Review of Environmental Opinions
  • Technical Interpretation of Regulations and Data
  • Technical Report/White Paper Preparation
  • Critical Review and Interpretation of Proposed and Final regulations, Guidance documents, Policies, and other Similar Documents
  • Regulatory Negotiations with Regulators and other Stakeholders

Our approach emphasizes the correct application of the fundamental principles on which the laws or regulations are based and the interaction between science and engineering. By understanding past and anticipating probable future responses of regulatory agencies and other involved parties, we focus our deliverables to present a balanced view of the information and suggest strategies for handling the technical issues.