Environmental Management Systems (EMS)/ISO 14000

EnSafe has long recognized that a strategic approach to environmental management leads to improvements in efficiency, risk management, and organizational awareness. EnSafe has helped many organizations in industry and government implement strategic Environmental Management Systems (EMS) that work, including those conformant with ISO 14001. EnSafe’s success lies in listening to your needs, understanding your organization, and customizing our training and implementation approaches around how you do business.

EMS Planning

  • Initial EMS Team Training
  • Gap Analysis
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Implementation Schedule

EMS Implementation

  • Management-Level Documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedures / Work Instructions
  • Training

Aspects Analysis

  • Manageable Aspects Identification
  • Data Management
  • Practical Significance Determination Techniques

Improvement Programs

  • Objective and Target Development
  • Performance Measurement and Tracking
  • Environmental Management Programs

EMS Audit

  • Internal EMS auditor training
  • Grading an Audit Finding
  • Corrective Action Training

Continuing Support

  • Internal EMS Audit Support
  • Training
  • Improvement Programs