Cost Estimating for Financial Reserves

Assessing environmental liabilities and attaching appropriate and reasonable costs to those liabilities can be a daunting challenge for any organization. The passage of legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and interpretations from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) have required companies to refocus on the methodologies and approaches documented to arrive at their environmental reserve estimates, so that reasonableness, documentation and consistency rule the day.

EnSafe's professionals are well versed in the latest approaches to sound reserve methodologies and reporting. Our diverse staff of scientists, accounting, and remediation professionals, with decades of environmental cleanup experience, allows us to bring insight and pragmatism to your most challenging sites. We serve both industry and government with a multitude of consulting solutions.

Assessing Environmental Liabilities Solutions

  • Reserve Setting in Support of Acquisition or Divestiture
  • Independent, Third-party Review of Environmental Reserves
  • Early Transfer Cooperative Agreement Estimating under CERCLA 112
  • Vertical Market Benchmarking Studies of Reserve Methodologies & other Estimating Tools
  • Other Environmental Liabilities (OEL) Estimating and Reserve Protocols - Department of Defense